Why we prefer IOSH Managing Safely Course?
  • Gradually but surely emerge from a large-scale economic crisis. Find better ways on how to manage the upsetting variations in the environment worldwide. These are two of the most important goals of the global community today. In the work of achieving both of these targets, making the world a safer and healthier place seems to be a common strategy, and this perspective has translated into a heightened awareness towards promoting health and safety.
  • This goal has impacted not only the health care service sector. Making health and safety a top priority is now a primary objective not only if you’re in hazardous fields such as mining, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, textiles, and construction, but even in occupations that are generally considered low-risk, such as banking or real estate, shops. Thus, if you’re serious about ensuring that you remain a vigorous and valuable member of your team, future-proof your career now by refreshing and updating your knowledge and skills in health management.
  • One of the most significant ways on how you can accomplish this is to embark on an IOSH Managing Safely. This learning module is designed by top international occupational health and safety experts, so you can be sure that the prospectus will be aligned with world-class standards and up-to-date strategies. It would be a great addition to your cache of capacities as a mid-career professional, whether as an Engineering student, supervisor, manager, team leader, or other positions that task you to oversee other employees.
What Does Stand for?

IOSH stands for Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, the Chartered body for health and safety professionals. IOSH is a UK-based organisation offering professional qualifications in order to raise standards of health and safety in the workplace.

What You Will Learn?

👉🏻 Introducing to Managing Safely: safety Importance & Safety Officer Job Responsibilities
👉🏻 Assessing risks: Risk, Hazard, Risk Rating, conduct Risk Assessment
👉🏻 Controlling risks: Hierarchy Of Risk Control, Reducing Risk
👉🏻 Understanding responsibilities: International and national HSE Laws, HSE Management system ISO 45001 & ILO-OSH 2001
👉🏻 Understanding hazards: Mechanical, Physical, Electrical, chemical, psychological, Organizational, Environmental,
👉🏻 Investigating incidents: Incident, near miss, accident, Ill-health, incident reporting, Accident Investigation procedure and corrective measures
👉🏻 Measuring performance Proactive and Reactive Indicators, Safety Inspections, HSE Audit, HSE Documentations

Learning outcomes
  • Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to:
  • Describe the key reasons to manage health and safety in the workplace
  • Define the key terms relating to health and safety
  • Identify how the law can have an impact on health and safety in the workplace 
  • Describe how to assess, reduce and control risk in the workplace
  • Identify workplace hazards and risks, assess their impact and how to manage them
  • Identify how to evaluate and respond to an incident
  • List the characteristics and benefits of an effective health and safety management system
  • Describe the principles that underpin good health and safety performance.
Top 5 delegate benefits


  • Ensures you can assess and control risks and hazards
  • Ensures you understand your own responsibilities for safety and health
  • Enables you to investigate incidents
  • Empowers you to measure your own performance
  • Allows for personal reflections on good practice
Top 5 business benefits
  • Greater productivity, fewer hours lost to sickness and accidents
  • Improved organization-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures
  • Active staff involvement to improve the workplace
  • Internationally recognised certification for managers and supervisors
  • Enhanced reputation within the supply chain.
Why IOSH in Hyderabad with Proactive HSE Professionals?
  • IOSH Managing Safely is popular Safety Certification among engineers, technicians & Professionals. It is short, to the point cost-effective & fun-based. International Certifications add value to your CV & IOSH Managing Safely is the best option to start with.
  • Proactive HSE Professionals are highly qualified and have numerous field experiences in Oil & Gas, Constructions, Mining, Cement, Textile, Chemical Sectors on duty; they’ll train you professionally. If you want to become IOSH Managing Safely Certified, Proactive Environmental and Safety Solutions and Proactive HSE Professionals is the ideal choice because here you will get training that will add value to your career, not Just a certificate.
Course Fee & Key Information
  • Course Duration: 4 Days
  • Course Fee 25000Rs
  • Fee Includes: Registration, exam, Certificate, Study Book, training and Refreshment 
Online Registration

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